About the Project

Diyocracy is a Cross-Canada project to send help to parts of the world that need it the most. Our initial project is to help set up a makerspace in Jacmel, Haiti, one of the poorest areas in the world.


The Diyocracy project was started by The Diyode Makers’ Club in Guelph, Ontario. We are just about to hit the 3-year mark in age and we have a tad over 50 active members currently. We participate in and run a number of events focusing on teaching people how to make things and do-it- yourself in our local community. We have a 1600 square foot place just inside Guelph’s downtown core and we will be expanding soon.

We hope to get all the active hacker/maker spaces in Canada involved in the project as it progresses.


As part of Diyode’s founding goals, to teach people how to make things themselves, we are trying to put together an across-Canada project to build a workshop-in-a-box. The idea is simple. Start with an empty shipping container on the West coast. Move it across the country, stopping at every participating hacker/maker space in Canada. Fill it with donated tools and materials. When it reaches the East coast, we ship it to Haiti, where the container itself will become the home of the makerspace.


As this is a very large undertaking and we are still in the beginning stages of planning, we are not yet at the point of choosing of the exact dates where milestones will be occurring.


Diyocracy has chosen Jacmel, Haiti as the first destination of our workshop-in-a-box for a number of different reasons. Haiti is one of the closest third-world countries to Canada and speaks both of our national languages. It is still struggling to recover from a massive earthquake and does not have an economy stable enough to rebuild after such an even. Finally, because we have contacts in Haiti already who’s goals and abilities are closely aligned with ours, and are capable of running the space once it gets there.


We believe that our Workshop-In-A- Box project is the next step in leveraging do-it-yourself skills in people around the world. Having done a number of workshops around our community already, Diyode has noticed that people, given the chance to learn and make things themselves, want to become more self-sufficient. Unfortunately however, this wash of DIY spirit has not yet been able to hit lesser-developed countries in many cases because of economic struggles. We believe that the best way to give them opportunities to learn is to provide the tools to get started.

We have many challenges ahead if we want to make this a reality, but hey, we’re makers. That’s what we do.

If you want to get involved, drop an email to diyocracy@diyode.com.


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    Progress! Awesome.

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    since this awaits moderation i suppose it okay to spell check it a bit… “economy stable enough to rebuild after such an even.”

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